Naomi Osaka's dedication to Japanese people

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Naomi Osaka's dedication to Japanese people

A few days ago Naomi Osaka lifted her second Australian Open 2021 trophy, the fourth in a Grand Slam event, defeating the American Jennifer Brady in two sets in the last game. Thanks to this victory, the Japanese has regained the second position of the WTA ranking, she who has already occupied the world throne in the past.

Only a few days before his triumph in Melbourne, to be precise on February 13, a new seismic event struck Japan: it was a 7.3 magnitude earthquake that involved the northeastern part of the nation, the same that was victim of the terrible tsunami of almost a decade ago.

She said: "I would be very happy if my victory could bring strength and energy to the Japanese people," said Naomi through her own agency. "I'm looking forward to continuing to do my best at the next Olympics as I try to get even stronger.

I pray from the bottom of my heart that the power of tennis and sport will make the world a better place. ”Osaka continued:“ I would like to thank all the people in Japan for their continued and warm support.

Naomi Osaka's hope for her Japan

Since I learned of another major earthquake in Japan in recent days, I also want to dedicate my victory to all those whose lives still need to be restored after the devastation of the 2011 great earthquake and tsunami.

Since we are always fighting Coronavirus day after day, I likewise dedicate my success to all the people in the world who do what they can to try to get us out of her shadow. Even though there has been a lot of bad news about the earthquakes and the Covid pandemic in recent times, I believe we should remember the importance of life and have an open heart to help others in such difficult times. "Naomi won the last edition. of the US Open overtaking Victoria Azarenka in the final.