Naomi Osaka "It was strange to tell I felt uncomfortable, stressed or sad"

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Naomi Osaka "It was strange to tell I felt uncomfortable, stressed or sad"

Naomi Osaka won the title in Melbourne, her 2nd Australian Open and her 4th Grand Slam trophy. Osaka went through the WTA Insider podcast to analyze how she felt after winning this new trophy and the sensations shown in the tournament.

She said: "After winning in New York, I really wanted to start the year very well and I think there is no better tournament to win than this one. In these two weeks I have had a very clear vision of what I wanted to achieve.

I wanted to keep a great attitude and show that I would fight every point and do my best. This led me to victory. But honestly I would have been satisfied even if I hadn't won the title." The Japanese tennis player also talked about how to express her feelings so that she can help when there are problems.

She added: "When I was younger I wanted to take care of everything. I didn't want to bother anyone with my stress and burdens. But after talking to Wim Fisette, he told me it's easier for him to talk about the things I do.

They were afraid that I would withdraw into myself and not talk to my team. I think he helped me a lot and now it's a real routine. It was difficult at first, because I didn't want to upset anyone and barely spoke to people who are not part of my family.

It was strange to tell them that I felt uncomfortable, stressed or sad." Osaka also confessed that she is gradually overcoming what currently seems to be her greatest fear: "Before the final I told them I was nervous, I didn't know what to expect.

I think it's the biggest fear for me, the unknown, not knowing what will happen. But I suppose it's part of life. Everyone is training to play a Grand Slam final and I should be happy to get here."

Naomi Osaka's new goals

After winning the Australian Open, Osaka has already set Roland Garros and Wimbledon as goals, where she says she could also defend well despite being more used to playing on hard-court.

She added: "On clay-courts I don't seem to play badly. Last year I played very well but I didn't go as far in the Grand Slam as many expected. But this is a process. I think I have everything it takes to do well on clay.

and on grass-court, but I have to feel comfortable, maybe I don't feel comfortable at all on these surfaces because I didn't play clay or grass as a child. I think I just need more experience. The last time I played at the Roland Garros I lost to Siniakova but I had opportunities.

I remember that I managed to win but in the end it didn't go as I wanted. The more I play, the more I become a complete tennis player."