Stefanos Tsitsipas reveals how much it takes for him to overcome Grand Slam losses

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Stefanos Tsitsipas reveals how much it takes for him to overcome Grand Slam losses

Greece's Stefanos Tsitsipas has admitted that some losses hurt more than the others as the focus is always on making the best possible results at the Grand Slam level. Tsitsipas, ranked at No. 6 in the world, has made three Grand Slam semifinals throughout his career but he aims higher as his goal is to win a Major.

“Some losses definitely hurt more,'' Tsitsipas told Greek magazine DownTown, as revealed on Tennis Majors. ''Having put a lot of work and dedication mainly into the Grand Slams, where more energy and concentration is needed, a loss there is more bitter.

They are tournaments of significant value and are distinguished from the rest of the tournaments. That’s where the most points and prize money are, those are the big leagues. We don’t have many opportunities to play such events, only four every year”.

Tsitsipas still upset about the Australian Open loss

Tsitsipas made his second Australian Open semifinal last month but stood no chance against Daniil Medvedev as the Russian clalimed a straight-set win to make the final at Melbourne Park.

A round earlier, Tsitsipas recovered from a two-set deficit to stun Rafael Nadal and it appeared that the Greek was tired against Medvedev. “I am still a little upset, to be honest,'' Tsitsipas admitted. ''I haven’t forgotten about it, it still lingers in the back of my mind.

The important thing is to move on from this situation and see it as a positive moment in my career, as I try to achieve bigger things day by day. I’ve set some big goals and I know I will have opportunities to do something better next time.

All I have to do is go out on the court every day and train, so that I can find ways to improve and play these opponents on a more equal footing, so that I don’t face such difficulty in the future”.