Francisco Cerundolo. Seeing my brother win Cordoba as qualifier was very motivating

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Francisco Cerundolo. Seeing my brother win Cordoba as qualifier was very motivating

Rising Argentine star Francisco Cerundolo won three Challenger titles after the Tour restarted in August 2020 and his goal for 2021 was to bring that level of play to the ATP Tour. Cerundolo, who finished runner-up at the Concepcion Challenger in late-February, made his maiden ATP final as a qualifier in Buenos Aires.

“I think that since October I’ve been making better use of my game and it was pretty amazing to reach the final nearly every week. I just had to be able to translate that to the ATP tournaments,” Cerundolo told the ATP website.

Cerundolo motivated by his brother's suiccess

At the Cordoba Open, qualifier Juan Manuel Cerundolo won it all after beating Albert Ramos-Vinolas in the final. “The reality is that Juanma and I had never had the chance to measure up to one another in ATP tennis before, but this isn’t something that happened from one day to the next.

We’ve been waiting for our time for a while and along with Juanma we’ve been working for many years to reach this level. Seeing him win was very motivating,'' Francisco said. “Last week I realised my game was there, and it was already good… Now I have to play in the qualifiers and the standard is similar.

The key was my mind, because the tennis was getting there as I won each match.' ' The Cerundolo brothers are two promising players and the hope in Argentina is that they will continue their rise on the ATP Tour. When it comes to the relationship between the two, Francisco claims it's ''perfect.'

' “We talk every day. We are happy when we’re doing well and it’s a great bond. We each help the other with experiences, now I’ll see what he says to me,'' Francisco claimed when asked about his relationship with Juan Manuel.