Iga Swiatek: "I'm introverted and I appreciate Rafael Nadal's humility"

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Iga Swiatek: "I'm introverted and I appreciate Rafael Nadal's humility"

In an interview granted to Reem Abulleil of The National, Iga Swiatek, winner of two WTA titles including the Roland Garros 2020, talked about several topics, showing a very decisive and at the same time full of nuances character.

Speaking about her life, her interests and her tennis, she said: "I feel I have two ways, the private one and the work one. So when I'm at work I can actually be more outgoing and when I meet fans it's usually quiet.

for me, but in private life I'm more introverted. I just want to stay in my room building Legos, as I have done in the last two weeks, and with books. I have two modes and I'm switching between them. Winning Roland Garros as a first Polish player, there was a lot of enthusiasm about it.

I told my psychologist that I don't think I was prepared for success and she thought so. I think it comes from my personality. I can distance myself from everything when I feel that. something is overwhelming me.

Iga Swiatek: "I'm introverted.

I appreciate Rafael Nadal's humility"

I can stay in my bubble when I don't think about the things that can stress me. Obviously it's not always possible, but I'm learning to do it more often. In reality my biggest dream is not related to holdings.

I wish I wouldn't get lost after finishing my career and not get the feeling that, ah, you don't know what to do with your life anymore.I still feel 19 when I go into my private mode. When I work or play or talk to reporters I think I have a lot of experience.

Rafa Nadal? When I was younger I really liked his style of play and the look of him basically. But right now I also appreciate his behavior off the pitch because he seems like a really humble guy. He hasn't lost his mind with all that success he has had in his career as him.

I really respect the fact that he remained the same person that he was. I mean you never know because I only know the opinion that fans have from the media, but I feel it's real."