Liam Broady, 27, reveals changes he has made to his life

Broady commited and dedicated to reaching new heights on the tennis court.

by Dzevad Mesic
Liam Broady, 27, reveals changes he has made to his life

British tennis plaer Liam Broady has revealed that he has made certain changes to his life as he's hoping to reach new heights. Broady, who turned professional in 2014, has spent the majority of his career on the Challenger Tour and now he is hoping to reach the main level.

This week, Broady won two tight matches at the Miami Masters to make it past the qualifying event and earn his second main draw appearance at the tournament. "I've read players' interviews who have gone on these runs because I've always been like, 'Damn, what is it that you've changed?''' Broady told PA.

"It's not much that's changed over the last year or two. I've probably been a bit more focused and a bit more committed towards the tennis and taking care of the stuff around the court a lot better, which I think has made a bigger difference on the court.

"There's routines I do every day. I get ripped for this, but I do a little bit of mindfulness each morning, a yoga-type thing, and I've got a lot more consistent with that.' '

Broady changed his diet

"My diet and stuff. I suppose because of Covid there's less opportunity to get up to mischief.

It's all come together quite well. I'm just feeling good,'' Broady added. "There's always going to be stress and doubts but I feel a lot more equipped to handle them now. I've done a lot of work with my mental coach Phil Quirk over the last few years, but it's a process, isn't it? "You kind of expect it to work all at once, but it's more the building up of doing a whole body of work.

I think maturity is a large part of it. I'm still very immature with a lot of things, but I think over the last year or two I have started to mature a little bit in the right ways." Broady plays Miomir Kecmanovic in the Miami first round.

Liam Broady