Matteo Berrettini speaks on his food taste, diet

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Matteo Berrettini speaks on his food taste, diet

Top-ranked Italian tennis player Matteo Berrettini made his return to tennis courts in front of his home fans in Cagliari and also got to taste some of the Sardegna top specialities. On Monday, Berrettini and his brother Jacopo participated in a food tasting exhibition, where they had a special meal prepared.

"Yeah, [I liked it] a lot. It was a really nice experience, especially during these lockdown times," Berrettini told the ATP website. "I try to eat more clean, more white rice, chicken, not heavy stuff, even though I can eat a lot.

But sometimes you have to balance also the mental part because it’s important to feel happy about what you’re having and what you like to eat. "I love burgers. Normally when I lose, I have burgers, because it’s the first time I can have them during the week.

But I’m a great lover of obviously pasta and pizza and they’re not that bad for the diet when you have to play, especially to recover." Besides the Italian cuisine, Berrettini also loves the Spanish cuisine.

"I would say I really like Spain. It’s similar to the Italian kitchen, but it’s a little bit different. I like its Mediterranean," Berrettini said.

The Berrettini brothers through to the semifinal

The Berrettini brothers handed a 7-6 (5) 6-3 loss to Treat Huey and Frederik Nielsen to make the Sardegna Open doubles semifinal in Cagliari.

The Italian duo earned a break point in the opening game but failed to convert. However, they converted their second break point in the seventh game to take a 4-3 lead. But their lead was short-lived as Huey and Nielsen broke back in the 10th game to eventually force a tie-break.

In the tie-break, Huey and Nielsen saved four consecutive set points to reduce the deficit to 6-5 before the Berrettini brothers realized their eighth set point to win a tight opener. The Berrettini brothers claimed the lone break of the second set in the eighth game, before serving out for the match in the following game.