Benoit Paire: Playing in such a cemetery is no longer possible

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Benoit Paire: Playing in such a cemetery is no longer possible

French tennis player Benoit Paire admitted he doesn't "give a damn" about tennis anymore and he doesn't have the "spark" anymore. On Sunday, Paire played his first round match at the Monte Carlo Masters and suffered a tight loss as Australian Jordan Thompson earned a narrow 6-4 6-7 (3) 7-6 (5) win.

After the match, Paire once again stated that playing behind the closed doors and with all the COVID-19 rules isn't something he likes. "Frankly, I don't give a damn about this game. Playing in such a cemetery is no longer possible.

All the players think so, I may be the only one to say it. Tennis does not bring me benefit. nothing good anymore. I no longer have the spark," Paire said, per Remi Bourrieres.

Paire opened up after losing to Holger Rune in Santiago

'Firstly congratulations to Holger whom I appreciate a lot I wish him good luck for his career,'' Paire said in an Instagram post.

''Secondly, a big thank you to my relatives who sent me messages of support that really do me good "Third I will talk about the ATP circuit which has become sad, boring and ridiculous .. I know you are going to say you don't realize how lucky you are blah-blah-blah, but playing in closed stadiums without any atmosphere Isn't that why I play tennis .., have to stay either at the hotel or at the tennis club and be forbidden to go out on pain of exclusion and a fine, or is the pleasure of traveling? tennis and become a tasteless job ..

So yes I need time to adapt to this pseudo ATP circuit but I will make the efforts to try to just rediscover the pleasure of playing tennis .. I am not talking about results I I'm going to go play Acapulco and Miami after thinking a lot, and my goal will be just to have a smile on the field and enjoy kicking a ball, that I win yes that I lose I really don't care."