Sloane Stephens about the sad death of her grandparents

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Sloane Stephens about the sad death of her grandparents

The last year represents one of the most difficult years in history for tennis players; sometimes we forget that these are human beings, between great points and great comebacks, but what they have experienced in the last twelve months, between races without the presence of the public and above all bubbles that did not want to have an end, was not at all easy.

However, we all expect them to go out and do their job smoothly, winning and giving it all, beyond all circumstances. In recent times, everyone has noticed the slow decline that had hit the American tennis player Sloane Stephens who finished 2020 and started 2021 with many defeats, most of them in the first round.

However, few know that the girl has suffered serious losses due to the Coronavirus, situations that go beyond the world of tennis and that have seen her lose first an aunt and then in quick succession both her grandmother and grandfather in a few weeks.

Stephens herself had tested positive at Covid and 2021 saw the athlete in serious mental difficulties with the world of tennis which was no longer everything for the American but represented only a small distraction from difficulties.

The words of Sloane Stephens

Good news came from the tennis player this week that she returned to win a few matches and reached the semifinal at the Charleston tournament; for the American it was the third time in the quarter-finals of the Volvo Car Open.

Here are her words: "Everyone took the pandemic differently, their approach and their expectations are different for everyone and for me Covid was really hard, I lost three loved ones who were close to me. When I was in Australia I had to attend my grandparents' funeral through Zoom, I have to say I just wasn't ready to play at all.

In this world there is a lot of pressure and they just ask you to go out and play, but honestly for me it was not the right time, I had something else on my mind. It is not about wins or losses, but about how I feel when I am on the court, it happens that I talk to psychologists and everyone notices that I am sick, this is not about my tennis but I just the fact that I have been through a lot recently."