Toni Nadal and young players' issue compared to the past

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Toni Nadal and young players' issue compared to the past
Toni Nadal and young players' issue compared to the past (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Toni Nadal's choice to become one of the coaches of Canadian tennis player Felix Auger Aliassime took most of the professionals and tennis fans by surprise. Nobody expected Rafael Nadal's uncle and former longtime coach to re-enter the circuit by not training his nephew.

The debut in Monte Carlo of the two was anything but positive with Auger Aliassime who suffered a defeat in the first round against the expert landowner Christian Garin. Both Toni and Felix know that there will still be a lot of work to be done for the young North American talent and during an interview on the RNE channel Radiogaceta de Los Deportes Toni Nadal discussed various issues.

Toni Nadal's words about this new collaboration

Interviewed by his Iberian colleagues, Toni shared all his impressions of it: "Felix offered me a part-time collaboration, so that I can give him one-off advice during some tournaments.

Right now I'm not motivated to work full time with anyone on the circuit, however I think this collaboration format is very useful and I accept it because Auger is a very disciplined guy with huge potential. I like tennis and competition, I think it's a good thing for me too.

Rafa? I would never have accepted this job if Rafa didn't want to, I have already made it clear to Felix and his staff that, in case you face Rafael Nadal, I will not sit in either of the two boxes." Toni Nadal will be alongside Felix Auger Aliassime in the tournaments of Madrid, Roland Garros and Wimbledon and regarding young people he says: "The truth is that now the training path for a 20 year old boy is much longer than before, in the past you saw twenty year olds already mature while now they clearly lack maturity.

Aliassime has great potential, it can be seen clearly but still has to improve many aspects of his game. Soon we will decide how to work to perfect his whole game. "

Toni Nadal