Dominic Thiem and the concern for knee problems

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Dominic Thiem and the concern for knee problems

Last year Dominic Thiem played a great season and after several years in the circuit he finally fulfilled his dream of winning his first career Slam, the Us Open 2020. After that success and after the final reached at the ATP Finals at the end of the year, Austrian tennis player was involved in a sad tunnel with the current number 4 struggling with a physical problem and a difficult mental situation.

After reaching the main goal of his career Dominic has been struggling with various problems and above all he is experiencing an existential crisis that has left him in a total stalemate. In this 2021 Thiem did not achieve great results, stopped for some time due to injuries, and came out early enough at the Australian Open, specifically in the round of 16 of the tournament against the Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov.

Thiem's ​​words about his recovery

In the course of a fairly extensive interview, the Austrian revealed that the victory of the first Grand Slam and the pandemic did not help him at all. Here are his words:
"The first days of training were very difficult, my whole body hurt and I couldn't hit the ball, I was improving little by little.

I have had several days of intense and long training and I am trying to get back to fighting at a high level. The Roland Garros 2021 pushed me to fight hard and to feel motivated again. The level in professional tennis is very high and if you are not 100% you end up losing the matches.

In addition, my chronic knee pain has worsened and although the situation now seems to have improved, the discomfort has not completely disappeared. I have a problem with the joints of both knees and the pain is very annoying.

I know it won't get worse as a problem but it stays and it's really annoying. Now it seems like I'm getting better, the pain only appears after about two hours of intense training. I know that in the long run this thing can be a problem but at the moment my goal is to get better and be totally free from pain."