Alexander Zverev: I'm all good with German media

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Alexander Zverev: I'm all good with German media

Top-ranked German tennis player Alexander Zverev has confirmed that it's all good between him and the German media. Zverev, who won the Madrid Masters last week, was asked during his press conference in Rome if he was completely abandoned by the German media.

"No (laughter). First of all, what I said there was not very serious. It was because you asked me the question if I want to take an Italian passport because so many fans, people were interested in me. It was a joke more that I said, Okay, you see, nobody cares about me in Germany.

It was not like that. I didn't mean it in a way how people took it," Zverev said. "I know there's a lot of people writing about it now. If I had known it, I would not have said it. It was something I said without thinking about it.

"No, I did a few interviews. I had a few phone calls with German press after the match. Yeah, there was still I think a lot in Germany, a lot of people wrote about it. It was on TV. "Yeah, it's not like there was nothing.

It was more because you asked me the question, then afterwards was like a humorous thing. Of course, the press doesn't take it that way. I forgot how it works sometimes."

In-form Zverev makes a positive start in Rome

Zverev, seeded at No.

6, had a first round bye at the Rome Masters. In his opener at the tournament, Zverev demolished Hugo Dellien 6-2 6-2. "Usually when I find my form, I don't have a problem maintaining it. If you look at the past history a little bit, I mean, when I won Madrid in 2018, I made finals here.

Doesn't mean I'm going to make finals here again. I hope I can continue this," Zverev said. "This is obviously a completely different event, completely different conditions. I need some getting used to time. Yeah, I hope I continue playing the same way. We'll see how that goes then."