Aleksander Vukic on Tour: It's mental battle out there

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Aleksander Vukic on Tour: It's mental battle out there

Australian tennis player Aleksander Vukic has admitted that the last few months haven't been easy for him in terms of injuries. “It’s been a bit of a struggle the last month in terms of injuries," Vukic said during his appearance on The First Serve.

“It all started in Split about a month ago. I got a pretty bad blister on my foot so I took the week off, played the week after and it hadn’t fully recovered. Then I strained my hamstring. It’s fine now, but it’s something I’m going to have to manage."

Vukic, ranked at No. 208 in the world, is still without a coach but he is hoping to add one soon. "Right now I’m by myself, but I’m still looking for coaches. I’m always in touch with my college coach, coaches in Sydney and my parents," Vukic revealed.

Vukic enjoys traveling with Australian players

“I think in Biella we had Bolty and Thanasi, then in Heilbronn I had Polmans. It was great to have someone there and it helps a lot when you’re usually by yourself.

Just having one or two Aussies there helps a lot. It changes my whole week," Vukic said. Vukic, 25, has never been ranked higher than world No. 183. “I wasn’t that good going to college and I improved a lot there," Vukic admitted.

"I had such high expectations coming out of college, I think I lost in qualifying three tournaments in a row and mentally I was done. It took some time out just to regroup." During his interview, Vukic also underlined that "it's a mental battle" on the Tour.

“It’s a mental battle out there. I think the clay, so many guys here who grow up in Europe, they grow up playing on this. Any guy you play here, they’re going to make you work for it," Vukic said.