Rafael Nadal: "Roland Garros 2021 the most important of my career"

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Rafael Nadal: "Roland Garros 2021 the most important of my career"

Now very little is missing at the start of the Roland Garros 2021, one of the most anticipated tournaments of the year and where Rafael Nadal can make history once again. The Spanish champion, if he wins yet another title in Paris, can break away from his eternal rival Roger Federer and become the only tennis player to reach 21 career titles.

To the microphones of Bleacher Report, the Spanish tennis player talked about many issues, in particular on the retirement issue and much more. Here are his specific statements: "I'm not preparing for Roland Garros 2021 just thinking it is a way to overtake Federer and become the player with the most Grand Slam titles, but I think it is perhaps the most important tournament of my career.

Obviously I'd like to get to 21, but that's not the only thing that motivates me in Paris. In the last month I have grown a lot, winning a historic tournament like Rome gives me confidence, I really think I needed a week like the one at the Foro Italico "

Nadal's words on retirement

Rafa Nadal is also in the final phase of his career and many are wondering about him when he will permanently retire from the sport.

In this regard, the Spaniard commented: "The day I will not feel pressure, I think it will be time to retire. Without that kind of emotion it is difficult for me to play at the highest level, it is a personal person as I want to play well and I know things are difficult to achieve.

I hope to have the opportunity to play my tennis again for a long time and remain competitive." Then he continued: "The way I face each challenge has changed a bit with age, now I have a different approach. Compared to a few years ago I have more passion for this sport, maybe it will be the experience too.

Roger, Novak and I have been fighting for a long time and we have great mutual respect for our results, it's really hard to get the results that the three of us have achieved together."