Boris Becker "Naomi Osaka's career is in danger"

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Boris Becker "Naomi Osaka's career is in danger"
Boris Becker "Naomi Osaka's career is in danger" (Provided by Tennis World USA)

The Roland Garros women's singles draw has lost one of its main protagonists for reasons as important as they are distant from the logic of sport and the verdict of a match. Naomi Osaka had announced before the start of the Paris event that she would not be attending the press conferences at Roland Garros to bring to light one of the times that she is most dear to her: that of the mental health of athletes.

After winning her first match, the Japanese kept her promise and the reaction of the tournament organizers was drastic: a $ 15,000 fine and possible disqualification. Osaka, even before facing her second engagement, however, anticipated everyone and canceled herself from the event.

"The best thing for the tournament, for the other players and for my well-being is that I retire so that everyone can get back to focusing on tennis," the Japanese wrote on Twitter. "I suffered from depression from the 2018 US Open, I don't use the term mental health lightly.

I will also take time off the pitch and when the time comes, I will collaborate to improve the lives of all the actors in the Tour."

Becker: "Osaka's career is at risk"

Boris Becker talked about the Osaka case to Eurosport.

"I read her statements a few days ago," said the former German champion. "I was surprised, his words had to be taken seriously, as well as his problem. She is still a very young girl. You couldn't handle the pressure of confronting reporters.

It often happens to many players, but you have to learn to manage this kind of pressure. I have always believed that the media were also part of this world. Without journalists and television there would be no such high prize money.

Sometimes it happened to me not to want to talk to the press, but I always did. Naomi withdrew from the tournament because she did not want to face this situation and this raises questions that are much more important to me.

She did not want to speak to the media at Roland Garros; why should she do it at Wimbledon and the US Open? I feel like her career is in jeopardy due to the mental health problems she referred to."

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