Boris Becker attacks Lorenzo Musetti!

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Boris Becker attacks Lorenzo Musetti!
Boris Becker attacks Lorenzo Musetti! (Provided by Tennis World USA)

After playing for almost two hours on par with Novak Djokovic, Lorenzo Musetti has decided to retire in the fifth set due to back problems and cramps. The Italian tennis player played an incredible game in the first two sets, both won at the tie-break, but then suffered the return of Djokovic who definitely raised the pace in the third and fourth sets.

Just towards the end of the third and the beginning of the fourth set, Musetti had to deal with his physique and was no longer able to record. The problems prompted the Italian to forfeit 4-0 in the fifth set. Boris Becker, former world number one, criticized the choice made by Musetti to the microphones of Eurosport.

Becker said: "I haven't seen a serious injury, so I don't think it's okay to stop. You should respect the other player and say: today he beats me. So it would have been 6-0. It is a test of maturity, even if you are no longer at the top athletically.

Novak is a champion and is used to certain situations.

Boris Becker attacks Lorenzo Musetti!

He must have thought: I can beat the world number one here' and in those minutes he had already lost the third set. You always have to believe in yourself from start to finish, especially against the greats.

Lorenzo Musetti is the best teenager along with Jannik Sinner. He has created many problems for Djokovic: he does everything well, he doesn't have an exceptional shot, but the serve is fine, the movement, the technique, and also the confidence because he has won too many games.

When facing the older ones you need to be physically and mentally ready. Young talents don't understand this. It's not just about playing tennis, it's about character and personality." Becker also talked about the next match between Novak Djokovic and Matteo Berrettini.

He added: "For me, Berrettini has the advantage. He has a day off now and hasn't had long games before. He now he watched the game very closely and saw that Djokovic is beatable."

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