Lorenzo Musetti preparing for Wimbledon after taking oral exam

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Lorenzo Musetti preparing for Wimbledon after taking oral exam

After losing to Novak Djokovic at the French Open, rising Italian star Lorenzo Musetti hit the books as he was preparing for an oral exam that was marking the end of his high school studies. “It was the end of the school period of my life.

Now I am free!” Musetti told the ATP website. “It was a big test. It was all the subjects. It was not easy. But I was prepared, and it went well. I don’t know yet the score that I’ll receive, but I will know next week if I passed or not”.

Musetti admitted he felt nervous during his oral exam. “I was a little bit nervous, because you take the oral exam in front of all the teachers and all the professors. I’m used to speaking with the media and doing interviews.

But when you speak about school or something that you study for, it’s not the same,” Musetti said. “The professor asks you about every subject from the year and you have to try to respond. “For me it went well.

I think I passed."

Musetti won't miss studying

“It was an extra thing to do, so it was not easy to manage it,” Musetti said before cracking a laugh. “Now I’m free, so it’s going to be better for sure”.

Musetti was up by two sets in his French Open round-of-16 clash against Djokovic. Once Djokovic won the fourth set and took a 4-0 lead in the fifth, Musetti retired. “It was really surprising for me, [my result at] the French Open.

Both [that tournament and the exam] went really well and of course I’m trying to be prepared as I was for those for Wimbledon,” Musetti said. “I’m looking forward to it a lot. For sure I will enjoy playing on grass.

I think it’s going to be a good mix, a good combination with my game and grass. I hope to play well and to play my game and to try to go as far as I can”.