Andy Murray: "Managing the mental aspect in tennis is difficult"

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Andy Murray: "Managing the mental aspect in tennis is difficult"

Andy Murray will play Wimbledon 2021 on the same draw side as Novak Djokovic. The British tennis player is 34 years old but a few years have already passed that see him absent or almost absent due to a serious hip injury, a stop that has seriously jeopardized his entire career.

Andy Murray made the history books here in 2013, claiming a British tennis player's victory back home after a very long time. In the press conference the British tennis player, former world number one, shared his impressions.

Murray said: "Personally, it means a lot to me to be here, not just the UK. Over the past 18 months we've all had other things to think about, more important things but I'm happy to be here and excited to be racing in front of the crowd, it's something I've been missing a lot.

It is normal, but it becomes special to see that there are a couple of days left for the tournament and all the tennis players are here doing their thing, training or talking to the press, everything becomes enjoyable.

Andy Murray: "Managing the mental aspect in tennis is difficult"

Slowly we are getting closer to normal and this makes me happy.

Training? The preparation was good, I did a lot of training with top tennis players even if maybe I wanted to do more. I am trying to improve myself physically and this is very important, I want to go to Wimbledon and feel comfortable.

I would say the time spent on the pitch has been good, playing with Roger is really great for me, they are the kind of thing that 6-7 years ago I would not have seen the same way. Now I tend to like things a lot more. Retirement? Quitting is very difficult for me, I have played tennis all my life.

I miss games, I miss playing on the center court and things like that. These are experiences that I can't wait to try again, it's been a long time and I haven't felt pressure in a long time, I'm lucky and happy to relive that pressure, I want to try.

It is very difficult for us to live the preparation for tournaments, Federer spoke about it after Halle and I had problems with mentality and preparation for a long time, not just injuries and it's hard to overcome everything.

At Queen's I was afraid of getting injured and not playing Wimbledon, these things have already happened in the past and I didn't want them to happen again. Managing the mental part in the world of tennis is really hard "