Gauff on Serena Williams' injury: "It's for her I play tennis"

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Gauff on Serena Williams' injury: "It's for her I play tennis"

Cori Gauff made her first round at Wimbledon and she beat British wild card Francesca Jones 7-5, 6-4. The American player played an excellent match and in the second round she will face one of the veterans of the WTA Tour, namely Elena Vesnina.

The Russian clearly defeated Martina Trevisan yesterday and she will do everything to go as far as possible. In those match Cori Gauff defeated Elena Vesnina in straight sets. First set of high level: Cori, with a break point, managed to put in difficulty a good version of Vesnina only after a great equilibrium.

In the second set Gauff flew 3-0. Vesnina at this point requested a medical time out to have her back massaged. Upon returning to th court, the young American star lost one of the two breaks ahead, but at 4-3 30-30, she did the impossible with a super demivolée that practically closed the match.

Gauff closed the match for 6-4 6-3. In the press conference Gauff wanted to dedicate an emotional message to Serena Williams. The American champion retired in the first round during the first set due to an injury to her right leg and left the most famous Center Court in the world in tears.

Gauff's words on Serena Williams' injury

She said: "Everyone has seen how many times I've slipped, I can't tell you what the conditions of the court Serena played on, the Centre Court, are. The truth is that I didn't notice, but my coaches told me several times to be careful because the ground was very wet in the back.

Nobody is used to moving on the grass, the tour on this surface is very short, so it is normal to suffer falls and slips." It was hard to see what happened. I'm a huge fan of Serena Williams. She is the reason I started playing tennis.

It's hard to see a player or a woman player getting injured, especially her. We met while I was in the gym stretching. Suddenly I turned away because I didn't want to see it, these things excite me a lot. I wish her the best, I hope her can recover soon, I saw her very excited on the court and it's normal, nobody wants to retire, especially in a Grand Slam and in a special place like Wimbledon. I hope she will return to the WTA Tour as soon as possible, perhaps on American hardcourt."