Ostapenko and Tomljanovic insult each other: "You are the worst of the Tour!"

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Ostapenko and Tomljanovic insult each other: "You are the worst of the Tour!"

The Wimbledon 2021 third round match between Ajla Tomljanovic and Jelena Ostapenko gave a great show both on and off the court. The tensions between the two players began in the central part of the third set, when the Latvian, 4-0 down, decided to ask for the intervention of the physiotherapist for an abdominal problem and left the court for more than ten minutes.

When the Australian closed the game, which ended with the score of 4-6, 6-4, 6-2, she wanted to express all her disappointment for the behavior, in her opinion unsportsmanlike, held by Ostapenko, and during the close out of hand she said to her: "Liar!

You behaved very badly." The Latvian, however, responded without fear: “You speak! You have zero respect. You are the worst of the Tour." Both were then questioned at a press conference about the incident.

Ostapenko-Tomljanovic, question and answer after the game

Tomljanovic said: "The happiness of the victory surpasses everything, because it is an important moment in my career.

I am very happy to have reached the round of 16 at Wimbledon for the first time. But I think her behavior was shameful and ridiculous, she is a bad example for all the children who follow and admire us. I'm sure she wasn't injured, she didn't have anything for the whole game.

It has already happened to me that some players ask for medical time out, it usually happens when they are losing badly. She just wanted to take my rhythm off. As if that wasn't enough at the end of the game, she told me that I am disrespectful.

I think it was ridiculous behavior on the part of a Grand Slam champion. There should be a rule to prevent these things from happening, because it happens often in women's tennis. The point is that you can always lie."

Ostapenko instead explained: "she has no respect. She can't say anything, because she doesn't know anything about my injury. I thought it was very, very disrespectful of her, because any athlete who plays tennis or any other sport can get injured.

How can you call me a liar if you don't know how it is? She is a very bad player from this point of view. I had an abdominal problem, possibly a strain. I could not serve well because of the pain."