John McEnroe: "Here's what Andy Murray has to do now"

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John McEnroe: "Here's what Andy Murray has to do now"

Credited with a wild card, Scottish and former ATP number one Andy Murray beat Nikoloz Basilashvili and Oscar Otte before falling to much younger Denis Shapovalov in the third round of Wimbledon, a tournament he has already won twice.

Born in 1987, Murray has won two editions of Wimbledon and one of the US Open, reaching the first position of the world rankings in 2016 Interviewed by BBC One, former great champion John McEnroe said about Murray: "I am very sorry for Andy.

It really depends on his body to be able to play the tennis we all saw a few years ago. I'm not a doctor or anything like that, but Andy has a metal hip, he's 34 and his body has worn out quite a bit over the last few years.

We all want to see him return to the court and give everything he has in his body, but he has the last word and decides whether or not he is ready to compete in a Grand Slam event.

John McEnroe: "Here's what Andy Murray has to do now"

Now Andy will start preparing for the hard-court Tour.

t shouldn't be easy for his body, far from it. This guy needs to play a lot to get a competitive pace. Of course, of course, his physique was not as good as Shapovalov. The Canadian hit the ball so well that Murray had little chance to counter him.

Right now there are as many players hitting the ball as hard as Shapovalov and this is one of the things Murray needs to train the most. He has to defend himself from players of this level." Finally, the American said: "In tennis, what you need most to stay competitive is explosiveness.

If you don't have it you are practically finished and it is better to retire. Murray is among the six or eight players who move best on the pitch. His style of play is extremely difficult to practice if you are not physically well. This is his greatest difficulty since the injury."