Roger Federer: "Health Crisis? I don't think the problem is solved"


Roger Federer: "Health Crisis? I don't think the problem is solved"

The world of tennis as well as the world of sport and everything that has characterized in the last two years has been conditioned by the terrible pandemic linked to the COVID-19 virus that has hit the whole planet. Millions of deaths have forced governments around the world to carry out severe restrictions and even today, despite the situation with the vaccine appears to have improved, it is not fully defined.

The tennis world has been very affected by this virus, last year several tournaments including the historical Wimbledon was canceled and most of the tournaments, some even this year were played behind closed doors. From the quarterfinals, the Wimbledon tournament will be played with 100% of the crowd in the courts and in the stands, a choice criticized given the Delta variant that is depopulating overseas but at the same time showing how you want to go forward to continue to live.

As teh Queen sang, the show must go on.

Roger Federer on the Covid issue

The last two years of the expert tennis player Roger Federer have been conditioned by a double knee surgery that has curbed all expectations of play for the Swiss champion who has however delayed his return to the field due to the pandemic that has hit us all.

The Roger Federer tournament at Wimbledon is proceeding better than all expectations and the tennis player has reached the quarter-finals by beating the blue Lorenzo Sonego in the round of 16. In the press conference, Federer also spoke of the problem linked to the COVID-19 with a vision that is anything but optimistic.

He said: "I am not convinced that the problem of the pandemic linked to Covid is still solved and I think there is more to come. Last summer we felt the same, everything looked promising and then we had a setback. We will now see with the stadiums full and how the situation will be perceived with the public and normality." We have to recall that Federer has reached yet another curious record at Wimbledon 2021: with the success in the 4th round against Lorenzo Sonego, Roger won his 105th match at Wimbledon, equaling the record for the number of single wins in a single Grand Slam tournament, a record held by the king of clay, Rafael Nadal, a tennis player who has won 105 matches in Paris alone.

Roger Federer Wimbledon