Ashleigh Barty: "Kerber? It's a big challenge to meet her"

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Ashleigh Barty: "Kerber? It's a big challenge to meet her"

World number one Ashleigh Barty is finally getting good results on the Wimbledon grass-courts and she has reached the semi-finals of the tournament. At this point, after winning the Roland Garros in 2019, the tennis player is looking for her second Slam in her career and with the carnage that saw the big players, before and during the tournament, Barty is one of the main favorites of the tournament.

In the press conference after the victory arrived clearly and without problems with the result of 6-1; 6-3 over Alja Tomljanovic, the number one in the world talked about her chances of winning and analyzed her next match, the challenge against Angelique Kerber, tennis player who won 3 Grand Slam titles and who took the title at Wimbledon in 2018.

Barty's words at the conference

Ashleigh Barty made some interesting statements: "From the beginning of the match it was very important for me to start well, I tried to keep a good balance on the pitch and to play freely.

I feel lucky to be in contention for the win here, dedicating myself to tennis is the dream I have had since I was a child. This seems to me a spectacular situation and I can devote myself completely to the sport I love. Obviously in tennis there is no guarantee and certainty of anything, you have to learn from every match without being able to take anything for granted.

Currently I just try to focus on the present and work race after race. I am learning to play in a more relaxed way and I enjoy what I find on the pitch, the tour on the grass was hard and exhausting but now here on the grass I have found the right mental energies.

Kerber? It is a great challenge to meet her, she has a spectacular record in this tournament, she is achieving great results and she knows how she wins here. She fights on every ball and has the experience necessary to conceive extreme mental situations.

Our stylus are different and she will surely react to my attacks, I will have to apply my tennis in the best way. It's nice to play my first semifinal in Wimbledon against her."