Matteo Berrettini: "They didn't allow me to see Tomljanovic because..."

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Matteo Berrettini: "They didn't allow me to see Tomljanovic because..."

They have arrived in Australia for several days but only now for most tennis players has the planned quarantine for all those arriving on the oceanic continent ended. Then 72 tennis players were placed in strict quarantine after the positivity of some people on the flights of Abu Dhabi and Los Angeles where the tennis players were also present and from the first moment the Australian government made it clear that there will be no special privileges for tennis players.

Because of this, these 72 players were forced not to train and to stay in the hotel room for 14 days. Italian Matteo Berrettini and Australian tennis player Ajla Tomljanovic are staying in the same hotel at the Australian Open but have not been allowed to see each other due to this rigorous quarantine.

Berrettini's words on the quarantine

The Italian Matteo Berrettini talked about Eurosport. Here are his statements: "The only complicated thing about this quarantine is that Ajla Tomljanovic, my girlfriend, is six floors below me, but despite the fact that we both took the tests and tested negative, we are not allowed to see each other." Then he continues: "The good thing is that after all of this we are in fact free and this is a very good thing.

Tomorrow my 14 days of quarantine will end and then we will return to normal life. The restaurants are open, you can also take walks and therefore we can do everything. Obviously when there will be the authorization to do this.

This applies to when we train on the pitch and in the gym. If I open the door to my room at the moment, I have the security that will call me back. In the end, however, it's okay, there are things that could be worse." Berrettini also spoke of the return of the spectators to attend the matches, news that certainly makes the Roman athlete happy: "The roar of the crowd is definitely something I missed.

At the Us Open it was strange, especially for a tournament that is usually noisy. Even in Rome hearing the crowd at the plant was essential for me but in general I have to say that they are something that charges me."

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