Berrettini: "Italy win at Wembley repays me for Wimbledon defeat"

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Berrettini: "Italy win at Wembley repays me for Wimbledon defeat"

Sunday 11 July was a day of a thousand emotions for the Italian colors and the number one of Italian tennis Matteo Berrettini certainly will not be able to forget it easily. The Roman athlete was the first blue in history to compete in the Wimbledon final where despite an excellent match he had to surrender to the number one in the world and current strongest tennis player of the Novak Djokovic circuit, winner in four sets.

After losing winning the first set in the tiebreak after a great reaction at the difficult start Matteo had to surrender to the growth of the Serbian champion, always unplayable in the decisive moments, especially when we talk about finals.

After the Wimbledon final, however, a great joy arrived in the evening with Berrettini present at Wembley together with his girlfriend Alja Tomljanovic with the two who witnessed Italy's victory in the penalty kicks of the 2020 European Championship thus denying the joy to thousands of Englishmen present inside and outside the stadium.

At the end of the Italian success Berrettini took some usual photos with Mattarella and made interesting statements to Rai Sport, here are his specific words: "Maybe I did well tonight too, I arrived when the race had started and it was really nice.

I've never seen a live match before, I suffered a lot during the penalties tonight. I hope the TVs haven't caught me. This success repays me for the bitterness for the defeat at Wimbledon. I came to the stadium on purpose, I saw from the second half and maybe I even brought a little good.

I suffered a lot. It was a very busy day, but it ended in the best possible way. Too bad for me, but we hope there are other opportunities. They have won a game more than me, I hope to make it back next year. Cheering for the Azzurri gave me a lot of emotional push because being on the bubble it was great to join my team to give us strength."

Berrettini was received at the Quirinale by the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella. During the ceremony, the blue talked about his incredible London ride. “Good evening everyone. Mr. President, thank you very much for the invitation.

It is an honor for me to be here, something unimaginable and not only for the work I have done together with my coach and my team. Being here with them is special (it refers to the players of the Italian national team, ed).

I cheered them on from the first minute of these European Championships. I also sent a video to Donnarumma, I showed him how I was yesterday before the last penalty. For me it is a dream to be here and to have participated in the Wimbledon final against Novak Djokovic, which made me sweat a lot.

As FIT president Angelo Binaghi said, we hope that in a few months we will have the opportunity to arrive here with an important trophy and make all of you even more proud ”. The President of the Republic then paid homage to Berrettini with beautiful words.

"Congratulations to Matteo Berrettini and to president Binaghi. In Italian tennis, more and more new players are appearing and a lot of growing energies. As I told Matteo, reaching the final is already a great goal, but the comeback and the victory of the first set already amounted to a victory.

I followed him with great hope, before leaving for London." We remind you that Berrettini will participate in the Tokyo Olympics and will do everything to represent Italy in the best possible way.