Clerc: "Novak Djokovic will win another 3 or 4 Slams"

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Clerc: "Novak Djokovic will win another 3 or 4 Slams"

José Luis Clerc was one of the most important tennis players in the history of Argentine tennis, he shares these honors with other athletes of the caliber of Guillermo Vilas and Juan Martin Del Potro. Among his most important results on the Tour we must remember the semifinal at the Roland Garros reached in two circumstances and the fourth position in the standings as Best Ranking.

Clerc currently works as a commentator on the ESPN television network and recently, after the conclusion of Wimbledon, spoke about the fight at the GOAT. Novak Djokovic on Sunday won his sixth Wimbledon and his twentieth career Grand Slam title, catching up with his long-time rivals Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer after much anticipation.

According to most insiders, Nole will be the one who ends his career with the most Slam titles.

Clerc and the discussion on the GOAT

During a discussion with colleagues from SportCenter Clerc said: "I don't think Roger Federer will do another Grand Slam, maybe Rafa will, but I think the only one who really has a chance to win another 3 or 4 Slams is Novak Djokovic.

He is the one who plays best when he is faced with adversity and who aims to change history every day. I think his next goal will be the Golden Slam, but in the future he will aim to reach Roger Federer's record for Wimbledon titles."

Regarding the time difference, Clerc is very clear: "Too many things have changed, when Bjorn Borg won Wimbledon five times the grass was very fast, you couldn't play from the baseline and you were forced to go to the net often."

Novak Djokovic cultivates an incredible series of consecutive victories on the grass of Wimbledon, they are three editions that he wins in a row in London and in his last match he beat the number 8 in the world and Italian number one Matteo Berrettini in four sets.

After the initial partial for the blue who won the first set in the tiebreak, there was the reaction of the Serbian tennis player who won the other three sets consecutively and thus took home yet another title, essential this time for achieve the only record that the Serbian was missing.