Ivo Karlovic: "I just want to keep playing and have fun"


Ivo Karlovic: "I just want to keep playing and have fun"

There are tennis players in the ATP circuit who, beyond any result on the pitch, have always been very appreciated and liked by the public. One of these is undoubtedly the Croatian giant Ivo Karlovic, an athlete of 211 centimeters whose best quality was undoubtedly the service but that all the public admired and appreciated.

Now Ivo is 42 years old, he is now in the very last stages of his career as a tennis player but despite this he is on the field doing what he most enjoys, that is playing tennis. Yesterday Ivo won a victory in the ATP 250 tournament in Newport, reviving his name and arousing great curiosity among those present.

To the microphones of the official website of the ATP Tour, the Croatian tennis player talked about many themes and above all about his passion for this sport.

Karlovic's words after the victory

Karlovic won in almost two hours of play after a comeback on Zapata Miralles, beaten with the result of 6-7; 6-1; 6-4.

Over the past year and a half, thanks to the pandemic, Ivo has played very little with only 4 wins and 10 defeats but despite this he does not give up: "I just want to continue playing and have fun on the pitch, I love the Newport tournament and I want show everyone that I deserve to have received this invitation." Among other things, Karlovic won one of his 8 career ATP titles in Newport in 2016.

Ivo continued: 'I'm 42 and I love being in the Tour, I haven't traveled a lot with the pandemic and so I can't wait to get back to the ATP tournament routine. Everyone talks about my age but I don't feel weak or weaker than the others, I'm less agile than 10 years ago but I have the same feelings.

My playing intelligence and physical condition are similar, I just have to find a way to win because I think this is the best thing to find the motivation to keep going." In the ATP database there are only two older players than Karlovic, namely Oh-Hee Kwon and Toshihide Matsui, but they have not competed since 2019 and have a very low ranking.

Ivo Karlovic