Who Is The Real Number One?


Who Is The Real Number One?

Rafael Nadal is officially the year-end world number one for 2017. For the Spaniard, it represents the fourth time he has bagged this prestigious prize, after also ending as number one in 2008, 2010 and 2013. He therefore further improves on his own record, becoming the first player to ever finish as world number one in four non-consecutive years (the previous record, naturally, being three years). This is almost certainly a record that will never be surpassed. Losing the year-end number one title and then regaining it later is close to impossible, but doing so four times is utterly mind-boggling.

Yet, despite his magnificent year, which represented an incredible comeback from injury, many have argued that Nadal was not the “real” number one of 2017. Roger Federer, naturally, is the preferred candidate for these pundits. In both quantity and quality of tournament wins, the Swiss outshone the Spaniard for the season. In addition to winning more tournaments, he also beat Nadal all four times they met this year. Nadal, however, played in more tournaments than Federer, meaning that his point total for the season is higher, giving him the year-end number one. 


In this issue we speak about: 
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