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We all know that mental toughness and emotional resolve are critical skill sets in competition. The Soft Science of Tennis is specially designed to improve the seemingly mysterious software skills. With this groundbreaking book, the athlete will realize an exceptional culture, stronger communication techniques, and a deeper connection. The Soft Science of Tennis helps players, parents, and coaches to identify individual personality profiles and unique cerebral designs to assist them in understanding how the athlete’s inborn genetic predispositions affect their behavior on and off the court.
Also included is the importance of positive character traits, life skills, and why a healthy moral compass matters. The Soft Science of Tennis dissects how to conquer essential performance anxieties such as overriding negative belief systems, eliminating internal judgment, and building coachable athletes.
Rounding out this book, are several chapters, favored by high IQ coaches around the world, uniquely focused on how to change fixed mindsets, managing fear, and risk, and developing confidence and self-esteem. Within these pages, it is my goal to share everything you didn’t even needed to know about the soft science of tennis.
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The Soft Science of Tennis Contents
Chapter 1: Creating an Exceptional Culture
Chapter 2:  Sharpening Healthier Communication
Chapter 3:  Effective Listening
Chapter 4:  Nonverbal Communication
Chapter 5:  Personality Based Training
Chapter 6:  Benefits of Personality Profiling
Chapter 7:  How the Brain Affects Performance
Chapter 8:  Assisting the 4 SP Typographies
Chapter 9:  Assisting the 4 NF Typographies
Chapter 10: Assisting the 4 NT Typographies
Chapter 11: Assisting the 4 SJ Typographies
Chapter 12: Physical Skills Versus Life Skills  
Chapter 13: Why Character Building Matters
Chapter 14: Life Skills Maximize Athletic Development
Chapter 15: The Importance of Nurturing
Chapter 16: Overriding Negative Past Belief Systems
Chapter 17: Building Coachable Athletes
Chapter 18: Eliminating Internal Judgment
Chapter 19: Changing Fixed Mindsets
Chapter 20: Managing Fear and Risk
Chapter 21: Developing Confidence & Self Esteem

Adam interviews Frank about his newest bestselling book The Soft Science of Tennis. Frank discusses the importance of developing strong emotional skill sets for improved success both on-court and off-court.
Podcast Topic:

- How to Use Personality Profiling
- How to Develop Character and Nurture Life Skills
- How to Manage Risk and Fear

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At crunch time, the athlete’s inner dialog (self-coaching) makes all the difference. The Soft Science of Tennis explains how to override negative past belief systems and how to eliminate judgment in competition. This book of wisdom should be on every coach’s and parent’s bedside.”
Stevie Johnson, Manhattan Beach, California, #21 ATP Professional, Olympian, Most decorated NCAA player of all time

“Brilliantly captivating and insightful. Frank Giampaolo is truly a ‘Teacher’s Teacher’ – of all of his many incredible publications, The Soft Science of Tennis is one of his best, and will surely move the tennis teaching industry forward. Athletes will be celebrating greater degrees of happiness and confidence knowing that their trusted coaches truly understand their genetic design.”
Dick Gould, Palo Alto, California, Emeritus, Men’s Tennis Coach, Director of Tennis, Stanford University Winner of 17 NCAA Men’s Championships

“The Soft Science of Tennis specializes in interpreting human behavior within the development of competitive athletes. I highly recommend it to parents and coaches.”
Peter Smith, Long Beach, California, USC Men’s Tennis Coach, A five-time Pac-12 Coach of the Year and Two-Time ITA National Coach of the Year, 5- Time NCAA National Champion

“Under pressure, we’d like to think that our athletes will rise to the occasion...they don’t. They sink to the level of their physical, mental and emotional training. The Soft Science of Tennis delves deeper than strokes and uncovers how to get the most out of each individual.”
Dr. Mark Kovacs, Atlanta Georgia, Executive Director, International Tennis Performance Association ( CEO, Kovacs Institute (Kovacs

“Frank Giampaolo has a rich understanding of what it takes
to be a successful tennis player. With passion and nuance, this
book provides a great many insights -- especially in such more
mysterious realms as emotion and character. There's a lot to
be learned here.”
Joel Drucker, Writer for Tennis Channel and Historian-at-large for
the International Tennis Hall of Fame

“From my personal ATP experience, I can honestly say I struggled with the ‘software’ part most of my tennis career. Back then there was very little information on how to develop the ‘mental or emotional muscles.’ Frank has been doing this successfully for the past decade. I 1000% believe that the ‘software’ (mental & emotional) part of tennis is as important to build as the hardware (strokes & athleticism). I highly recommend Frank's latest book: The Soft Science of Tennis. It’s an outstanding contribution to the game. If I had Frank coaching me...I would have won way more titles on tour.”
Johan Kriek, West Palm Beach, Florida. Former Top 5 ATP, 2- Time Grand Slam Champion, owner, Johan Kriek Tennis Academy

“Frank Giampaolo has nailed it again in The Soft Science of Tennis. This time he has led us to see the absolutely critical importance of connecting with our students by understanding their personality profile, cognitive design and learning styles. All great teaching begins with the tools he provides. Thanks to Frank for giving them to us in this outstanding book.”
Tim Mayotte, Boston, Massachusetts, Former Top 7 ATP, NCAA Singles Champion, USTA National Coach

“The Soft Science of Tennis is another valuable resource from Frank Giampaolo. He is knowledgeable and passionate about sharing – these two qualities demonstrate why Frank has been a top-rated presenter at the PTR International Tennis Symposium. In The Soft Science of Tennis, Frank gets the message across and reminds us what’s truly important in our coaching. Communication, Engagement, Life Skills and Character Building are what really matter in the mark we leave on our students after we are gone!”
Julie Jilly, Hilton Head, South Carolina, PTR VP Marketing/Events


Frank Giampaolo is an award-winning coach, popular international speaker, and sports researcher. He is an instructional writer for ITF (International Tennis Federation) Coaching & Sports Science Review, UK Tennis magazine, the USPTA, Tennis Magazine and Tennis View Magazine.  Frank is both a USPTA and PTR educator, a Tennis Congress Factuality Member, and has been a featured speaker at the Australian Grand Slam Coaches Convention, the PTR GB Wimbledon Conference, and Wingate Sports Institute (Israel.)

Frank is the bestselling author of Championship Tennis (Human Kinetics Publishing), Raising Athletic Royalty, The Tennis Parent’s Bible (volume I & II), Emotional Aptitude In Sports, and The Mental Emotional Workbook Series (How to Attract a College Scholarship, International Player Evaluation, Match Chart Collection, Match Day Preparation and Blunders and Cures). His television appearances include The NBC Today Show, OCN-World Team Tennis, Fox Sports, Tennis Canada and Tennis Australia.

Frank founded The Tennis Parents Workshops in 1998, conducting workshops across the United States, Mexico, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, England, Canada and Spain. Frank’s commitment to coaching excellence helped develop approximately 100 National Champions, hundreds of NCAA athletes, numerous NCAA All-Americans and several professional athletes. His innovative approach has made him a worldwide leader in athletic-parental education. Frank is currently the Vice Chair of the USTA/SCTA Coaches Commission.

Contact Frank Giampaolo: [email protected]