We had to wear our masks indoor, says Katy Swan on bushfire in Australia

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We had to wear our masks indoor, says Katy Swan on bushfire in Australia

Katie Swan, the 20-year-old Bristol charismatic lush, who began tennis lessons at the age of seven during a holiday in Portugal, shared her experience in Australia regarding the brutal bushfire which had been aggressively forging the Australian economy far behind the baseline, on Saturday, the 11th of January 2020, in an interview with a press agency reporter.

At some part of her Saturday’s (January 11th) interview, the captivating British beguiler, Katie Swan was quoted saying she even had to wear masks indoor adding while she woke up on New Year’s Day in Canberra, smokes could be smelled inside her apartment.

Although, the 20-year-old hard & fast prudent & pretty British number six, Katie Swan had arrived in Australia on December 31st to begin her preparation for the Australian Open alongside an ITF event in Canberra, the capital city of Australia, the week Swan had been in Canberra, air quality of the city was rated as the worst across the world and eventually all training programs were cancelled and Katie alongside all of her team members were asked to wear masks 24*7 even inside their apartments, Katie told in the Saturday’s (January 11th) interview.

In point of fact, the Australian Bushfire, which has still been progressing after burning roughly 100,000 sq. kilometres or 10 million hectares since July 1st last year, had left thousands of people homeless, while death toll had raised to 27 thus far.

Meanwhile, admitting she did not realize the severity of the Australian bushfire until she had arrived, the British No. 6, Katie Swan said in the weekend interview, “As soon as we walked outside to get some food you did not want to breathe that air in.

It was like being at a bonfire, but being stood next to it all the time. The wind was coming from all directions and just blowing into Canberra. The air was the worst but no-one was actually injured where we were, thankfully.

I woke up one day with quite a bad headache. I don't know if it could have been related to it, but I did call a doctor to check we were OK to be there. We were concerned about it being safe. You could smell the smoke all the time.

It felt like you were at a bonfire and you were standing next to that fire, but for 24 hours straight. It wasn't ideal”.