'I don't know why Stefanos Tsitsipas acted this way', says ATP star

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'I don't know why Stefanos Tsitsipas acted this way', says ATP star

Stefanos Tsitsipas sadly left the stage in the quarter-finals at the 'European Open' in Hamburg, where he was reassembled by Filip Krajinovic. After winning the first set convincingly enough, the Greek tennis player had to deal with a sudden drop that cost him the second and third sets (in which he collected just four games).

The match was also characterized by the great nervousness of the Roland Garros finalist. Stefanos was given four warnings during the match, as well as receiving a penalty for slowing down the game too much. At the end of the second set, Tsitsi remained in the bathroom for about ten minutes, then uttered a series of nasty comments that testified to his frustration with the progress of the match.

At the press conference, Krajinovic seemed very annoyed by the behavior of his opponent. The Serbian, who scored his third career win against a Top 10, remarked on the young Greek's misconduct hoping to receive an apology in the future.

Krajinovic takes a shot at Stefanos Tsitsipas

"During the points, Stefanos Tsitsipas was just talking, it's not pleasant at all," Filip Krajinovic said. "I hope he will apologize one day for his behavior on court today.

I don't know why he acted this way." Krajinovic went on to express satisfaction with the way he himself remained focused despite the unexpected behavior from the Greek. "I always had in mind that Stefanos was a good guy and a player characterized by fair play, but the way he acted today was very strange," the Serb said.

"We all saw what he did. He used the bathroom for 10 minutes after losing 6–1 in the second set. Luckily I stayed calm and didn't lose my focus," Krajinovic added. "I was able to play my game. I don't want to overdo it either, especially not expecting behavior like this from him."

Stefanos started the game strong in an attacking style. He instantly established his dominance early in the game and extremely pressurized his Serbian counterpart. By doing so, he won the first set 6-3 and was one step closer from progressing into the semi-finals.

However, as he walked into the second set, he had lost all focus and lacked the agility he showed in the first set. Filip noticed the Greek’s lack of attention and took the game by the crux of it. He won the second in a complete washout by 1-6, giving the crowd their money’s worth.

By the end of the game, Stefanos looked like a shadow of himself. He had lost all interest and effort going into the decider set.