Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams still Instagram King and Queen

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Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams still Instagram King and Queen

With the birth of the social world and the evolution of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, of course, the world of tennis has also undergone a marked change. How can we forget that particular video call during the pandemic between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal with both of them quite embarrassed with this new medium for them.

However, social networks certainly bring sponsors and additional income to all tennis players. We have analyzed a curious ranking concerning the tennis players with the most followers on their Instagram accounts. Leading the ranking on this well-known surprise social network is not Roger Federer who, despite being certainly the most loved tennis player in the world, does not enjoy this particular record.

In first place among the men tennis players with the most followers on Instagram is the Spaniard Rafael Nadal with over 11 million followers, behind there is Novak Djokovic at exactly 9 million and only after is the Swiss champion Roger Federer, stopped at share 8.6 million.

Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams still Instagram King and Queen

For the Swiss, the lack of activity on this social network and probably the unfamiliarity weighs heavily. In the Top Ten, tennis players like Zverev and Tsitsipas barely exceed one million while Daniil Medvedev is doing very badly, with only 545 thousand followers.

The reigning champion at the US Open Dominic Thiem also did well, boasting as many as 1 million and 400 thousand followers and is among the young players with the most followers. A ranking, however, that sees the dominance of the Big Three also on the numbers of Instagram and that notes how important they are for the evolution of this sport.

The recent exploit at Wimbledon has also brought great growth to the blue number one and Top Ten Matteo Berrettini who has also had an increase on this social network: the Italian tennis player has just exceeded 900 thousand followers and flies straight towards the million.

The tennis player with the most followers of all, however, is Serena Williams who boasts over 13 million followers and who remains in the history not only of tennis but also of the social world.