Romance at Winners Open. Line umpires get engaged in front of hundreds

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Romance at Winners Open. Line umpires get engaged in front of hundreds

Moments after former French Open semifinalist Andrea Petkovic wrapped up her victory against Alexandra Dulgheru, a line umpire built up the courage and went on asking her soulmate, another line judge, to marry him in front of hundreds of people who stood put in the stands to witness the beautiful moment that only got more special given the chic surrounding scenery look of the Winners Open complex.

The soon-to-be groom's surprising attempt brought him a kiss and a loving hug that clearly signaled a much-hoped-for “yes” from the lady. The touching scene lifted the spirits of many Romanian supporters who were left with a bitter taste after compatriot Alexandra Dulgheru was forced to do a medical withdraw at 6/3, 4/1 for Andrea Petkovic, who felt for her opponent.

“It's always sad when someone has to withdraw, and I understand even better because I've been in this situation many times. I know how it is to have physical problems, especially at the knee. You can play very well one day, and the second day something happens and it starts to hurt you.

So, I'm sorry for her, but on the other hand, I think I had some very good moments today,” said Petkovic after her victory.

Petkovic praised Cluj-Napoca, the host city of Winners Open

Besides talking about her performance on the court, Petkovic also expressed words of admiration for Cluj-Napoca, the city where the newest WTA tournament, Winners Open, is still unfolding.

“I hope I can stay around a little longer because I really enjoy my presence in Cluj. (…) I've been here before, people are a little surprised when they hear because a lot of people ask me if it's the first time I come to Cluj, and I tell them 'No, I was already here when I played in the Fed Cup a few years ago', and that was an extraordinary experience.

There were 10,000 people at the match, the atmosphere was incredible. I still have goosebumps when I think about it. Even if the fans didn’t support us, it was incredible to play in that arena,” Petkovic recalled.

Moreover, the German world number 91 continued to talk about the overall warm atmosphere of the Romanian city. “I remember going to a few very nice restaurants, everyone was so kind and welcoming with us and we had a very pleasant experience, so I could not wait to return. Today I found a very good coffee, I walked in the park and relaxed before the game”.