Gisela Dulko caught her husband cheating with best friend, files for divorce

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Gisela Dulko caught her husband cheating with best friend, files for divorce

An unpleasant life episode involved Gisela Dulko. The former Argentine tennis player, who was number 26 in the world in singles and number 1 in doubles with the Italian Flavia Pennetta with whom she won an Australian Open in 2011, has in fact discovered the betrayal of her spouse and filed for divorce.

Her husband is (indeed was) Fernando Gago, a well-known former Real Madrid footballer who also played in Italy in the ranks of Roma, who retired last November. The last 48 hours were decidedly turbulent also for the former midfielder - who in the meantime became a coach - who on Monday resigned as coach of Aldosivi, a militant team in the Argentine top flight.

The discovery of the betrayal and the divorce

Fate, however, had not yet closed the accounts with Fernando Gago, who in the space of a couple of days also lost his wife Gisela Dulko. The former South American tennis player, returning home, found herself in front of the now ex-husband and father of her three children in bed with one of her best friends.

Cinthia Fernandez, dancer, journalist and expert in Argentine gossip, revealed the details of the scandalous affair, who explained to the show "Los Angeles de la mañana": "Gisela opened the door and found them in front of them, in the bed of she.

But the worst thing is that they were very friends with her, even with her husband: her friendship was born two years ago, with the four of them going out very often all together." The name of Gago's lover's spouse is unknown, but it seems to be "a lawyer who works at América TV in the commercial part.

He is destroyed too, ”Fernandez added. A truly shocking story that will not be easy to digest for Gisela Dulko, who has now entrusted everything in the hands of lawyers to conduct the divorce procedure from Fernando Gago after ten years of married life and three children born into the world.