Madison Keys says enough to haters on social media

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Madison Keys says enough to haters on social media

Sportswomen and sportsmen in 2021 having to fight not only against their opponents, but also against the enormous amount of hatred that social media bring with them. In recent times, there has been a lot of talk about the insults and threats that prominent athletes receive on social media after a game and in England a person has been jailed for a series of racist insults posted on Instagram against a Premier League footballer.

Unfortunately, tennis is not exempt from these problems and, on the contrary, it is also a victim of them in the secondary Tour, invaded by hordes of serial bettors who, disappointed by a loss, pour their frustration on the athletes.

This is exactly what American Madison Keys spoke of. After the complaint of Clara Burel arrived from her Twitter channel, the American said she was ready to fight this real scourge of world sport, also pointing the finger at social platforms, guilty of not being vigilant in the right way to protect the mental health of athletes and other hateful characters.

Keys' denunciation

Madison wrote these words in one of her last Instagram post: "You won't win all the games. Sometimes you get hurt too. Some days are worse than others. Some months don't go as we hoped. But what I do connects me to so many great people who are supportive and kind, and that's what makes me happy.

Social media platforms (@instagram) need to do more to prevent horrible and offensive posts from entering our personal posts. It's not acceptable for us to receive death threats in our worst days. or any other day."

And I know this is happening to other athletes, my friends and younger children, and I will continue to talk about this until social media is a safe place for everyone. I support you. And thank you for always being there for me too."