Top 150 Etcheverry's drama: arrested and swab positive!

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Top 150 Etcheverry's drama: arrested and swab positive!

Even within the world of tennis it happens and has happened in the past to find yourself embroiled in paradoxical events and situations that in some cases can become a nightmare. The number 144 in the world, the Argentine tennis player born in 1999 Tomas Etcheverry (best Ranking number 140), was the protagonist of a rather particular situation.

We can remember him for having won the Perugia and Trieste Challengers this year and although he is still a little behind in the standings, Tomas is counted among the most interesting talents in South American tennis. The Argentinian was embroiled in a dramatic situation for him: the tennis player had to compete in the Szczecin Challenger in Poland, he had to pass Germany but his drama began there.

Etcheverry was arrested and then arrested by the German police for having spent too much time in Europe, his time limit was up and he spent over 24 hours in a cell. Top 150 Etcheverry's derama: arrested and swab positive!

Speaking to the local newspaper El Dia de La Plata Tomas said: "I played the Banja Luka tournament and after that I had to go to the Szczecin Challenger in Poland. First I had to cross Germany and they took my passport and put it aside.

Two policemen came and explained what had happened. I unintentionally made a mistake but I felt like a criminal, as soon as the ATP executives resolved the matter, I took the first plane to Argentina." The tennis player has not yet exploded in the ATP Tour but has often done well, both in singles and doubles, in the Challengers.

But that's not all for the very young South American talent, who was once again stopped at the airport in Argentina. The situation for him became on the verge of tragicomic when he tested positive for Coronavirus after the swab carried out at the airport.

The tennis player, not vaccinated, as reported by Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, explained: "It was another unpleasant surprise. During my stay in Europe I took several swabs and I always came out negative, when I arrived in South America I tested positive, so they put me in a particular taxi and I was taken to the hotel."

After about ten days spent in the hotel, Etcheverry finally became negativized and so he was able to go and prepare for the Challenger in Buenos Aires.