Players feeling the heat about the upcoming Australian Open

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Players feeling the heat about the upcoming Australian Open

"(The Virus) doesn't care what your ranking need to be vaccinated to keep yourself and to kepp others safe," theVictoria Premier Daniel Andrew says concerning the virus and taking the vaccination.

With the coronavirus taking its toll on everyone, the tournament directors want to do everything to keep people safe. This is there major goal. Players have mixed feelings on taking the jab despite learning of hundreds of thousands succumb to the virus.

Australia's Victoria are has seen a severe 3-month lockdown and knows firsthand the stress that all are under. "I don't think an unvaccinated player is going to get a visa...if they did...they'd probably have to quarantine for a couple of weeks..."

But by then the events would be over. It's definitely necessary to take all precautions and that's why the stringent rules of no visa, if no vaccine will go into effect. The no. 1 ATP Novak Djokovic is uncertain on defending his title and many are summarizing that he has not yet decided on or doesn't really want to take the vaccine.

Most in the non-tennis community are debating that it's an individual's right to get the jab or not. Doesn't this fall in the realm of smokers' versus non-smokers' rights? Having a right to smoke and having the right to not smell the smoke are difficult issues.

Ekaterina Alexandrova ranked no. 37 feels the Victory area of Australia is making things difficult. "I thinkthese are too drastic measures. Vaccination is voluntary. People have to decide for themselves. The Russian is for peoples' rights but admits "As for me, I got vaccinated of my own volition right after the Olympics.

So I don't think I'll have a problem." She had side effects which are routine as tiredness and body aches, not something that any other vaccine wouldn't bring. Players must decided on their own issues of why to not take the vaccine.

It all comes down to what people have bought into it. Andrey Rublev, no. 6 in the world says "I know the conditions. If players don't want to be quarantined for two weeks, they need to be vaccinated." The saga continues as to how many players will line up and get the shot and continue on their tour.

Yet again, how many will continue to fight the point and just be allowed to get tested? The controversy continues throughout sports and workers are complaining that they must pay their rent, eat and buy winter clothes. People have to look at today's standards that we're in a Pandemic society that just won't go away on its own.

Stronger tactics are beginning to be put in place. Players uncertain about the jab will have to decide if they want to play and improve their ranking or stay home, get no prize monies and no play time. The Minister for Immigration, Alex Hawke says that there's no dodging the shot.

"You'll need to be double vaccinated to visit Australia. He says "I don't have a message to Novak. I have a message to everybody...He'll need to be double vaccinated."