Aryna Sabalenka's thriller in Guadalajara makes her a classic act

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Aryna Sabalenka's thriller in Guadalajara makes her a classic act

"You just gave me this energy, the situation to keep fighting," Aryna Sabalenka told the Mexico crowds at her victory match over Iga Swiatek 2-6, 6-2, 7-5. The Polish young woman showed her superior talents in the first set, blasting Aryna Sabalenka with everything she had.

She opened up the court and had victories. Swiatek painted the lines and left her Belarusian opponent stunned. Sabalenka might have been just coming bak from hr coronavirus plunge when she tested positive last month missing Indian Wells.

"Unfortunately I tested positive at Indian Wells and won't be able to compete...I'm looking okay but really sad..." the WTA's no. 2 ranked player commented. But payback and getting into her groomve, melted the Swiatek's game in more ways than one when the socre was leveled at 2-games all in the second set.

A spark must have flown out of Sabalenka because she grew aggressive and explosive. It was pure torment on Swiatek when the Belarusian had her dial turned up. She explained to the WTA media that "..I just didn't want to give up again...I kept saying to myself...It you don't feel well, doesn't matter, you just have to fight and you just have to try your best."

The 6-2 Polish opponents' win was just the beginning of this suspenseful WTA Finals match play. Sabalenka wasn't on point for the opening set, but warmed up in the beginning second set to clobber Swiatek and then in exaltation raised her hands and invited the crowed to show some screaming appreciation.

They did it splendoredly. The Belarusian showed what it takes it to be a no. 2 player in fine style and flair. Sabalenka took all of the strategies she learned in her career and sprinkled them on the court overwhelming Swiatek.

This performance eliminated the Pole from the WTA Finals and gave Sabalenka more energy to carry on. "I just enjoyed every second onthe court...I have never felt this support before, I even felt goosebumps," she excitedly told the WTA media.

She now moves on in the round-robin event glad that she gets chance after chance of proving her comeback powers once again.