Sharypova: "ATP never contacted me to investigate on Zverev"

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Sharypova: "ATP never contacted me to investigate on Zverev"

More than a year has passed but the question regarding Olga Sharypova's accusations against her former partner, the current world number three Alexander Zverev, is not over. Over the course of these months, the woman has told various details about beatings suffered by the German talent.

A situation that has always been denied by the athlete but which led the ATP to open a real investigation about two months ago. Regarding this situation, which began in November 2020, the ATP confirmed its ideas through an official note with statements by CEO Massimo Calvelli: "The accusations against Sascha Zverev are very serious and we have a responsibility to investigate them thoroughly.

We hope to know each of the facts and determine the appropriate follow-up. We understand that Zverev also appreciates our investigation and has repeatedly acknowledged that he did nothing. We will examine any legal developments on the matter."

The latest on the Zverev-Sharypova case

Then the executive continued: "As an organization we recognize the need to do more to ensure that everyone involved in the world of professional tennis feels safe.

The recommendations regarding this relationship will help to face this affair in a strong and decisive way, we are committed to making progress and we know that it will not be an easy thing that will be resolved overnight." To these words, however, there seems to have been no real following as confirmed by the girl to the colleague Ben Rothenberg. Despite the ATP declared the opening of an investigation last October 4, the federation has never contacted the woman to find out her version of the facts about her.

Rothenberg announces it after a brief interview with Olga Sharypova. Meanwhile Alexander Zverev is experiencing a magical moment, he has a new girlfriend and on the court he shone with the victory in various tournaments and above all the conquest of the Tokyo Olympic gold and the success at the Atp Finals in Turin.

At the Australian Open 2022, he will be among the protagonists. As for the situation on the Sharypova's issue, Sascha like many others, are awaiting updates.