Tennis - Serena Williams says she has already apologized to Maria Sharapova

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Tennis - Serena Williams says she has already apologized to Maria Sharapova

Tennis - World no. 1 Serena Williams has said that she has already apologized to world no. 2 Maria Sharapova for making remarks about the Russian"s personal life in an interview to the Rolling Stones magazine. Williams commented on a top 5 player"s dating choices, apparently referring to Sharapova and Sharapova lambasted Serena in her pre-Wimbledon press conference yesterday, saying the American should focus on tennis.

Speaking to the press in London on Sunday, Serena commented, “I feel like Maria, unfortunately, was inadvertently brought into a situation she should have never been brought into. I’m the first person to apologise.

I’m the first person to reach out to individuals and people if I feel that something may have hurt them or something may have been misconstrued. “I personally talked to Maria at the players party. I said; ‘Look, I want to personally apologise to you if you are offended by being brought into my situation.

I want to take this moment to just pour myself, be open, say I’m very sorry for this whole situation. We always have great conversations, so I believe that she definitely did accept it (the apology)." “I’m not really gonna comment on that (Sharapova’s reaction), whether I’m disturbed or not.

I know she also said that I should definitely focus on the tennis here, and I feel like that is another thing I can definitely take her advice on. Maybe I wasn’t focused enough in the past on tennis. I’m definitely going to try to focus on that for the next two weeks.”