Juan Martin DelPotro makes impact on tennis community with retirement message

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Juan Martin DelPotro makes impact on tennis community with retirement message
Juan Martin DelPotro makes impact on tennis community with retirement message

"I never wanted this moment to come...I had planned to play in Rio, but it's very difficult to play with all the pain I have. I gave everything today," Juan Martin DelPotro sadly explained as his body couldn't hold up to win after making a comeback on the Argentina Open court.

"It was very tough to watch..." Nicolas Pereira, Tennis Channel commentator had said after seeing the match between Delpo and Federico Delbonis, a fellow Argentine. It was amazing to see how much effort DelPotro put forth to win many points and games on a court he walked off as a champion many times.

The Argentine has continued to make a statement to all as it surfaced that he would be making a comeback after a two-and-a half year absence from the competitive courts due to family situations and injuries. DelPotro had been suffering not only physically due to his career of multiple injuries and surgeries, but the loss of his father last year.

It was also the loss of much of his fortunes that had taken a toll on him. After his father's death it was discovered that his dad Daniel had squandered much of the fortunes DelPotro made during his entire tennis career.

Bad investments and such was the cause and the dream of just living on his enormous finances when unable to play was quickly dissolved. The intent of the Argentine's comeback might have been to replace some of the monies lost.

He also wanted to know how much skill and energy he'd have on competing again. But it was at the stake of the grand slam winners' body that this would be an impossible taks. "I've been training really hard, some days are better than others...with the hope of coming back..." It was evident that his first and last match in Argentina he physically wasn't able to play competitively to win anymore.

The match with Delbonis left the elder Argentine broken but realistic that he just can't go any further with playing the Rio Open and it was his time to retire. It was quite an emotional time for everyone in the stands and working the tournament.

There were many lessons learned from DelPotro. "It's sad that he didn't leave on his terms," Tennis Channel commentator Paul Annacone reflected on DelPotro's injuries and surgeries as the main reason for him not being in condition to forge ahead and enter tournaments again.

Many players wish that when their time comes, they would leave healthy. Today with competition being very tough and difficult, players wouldn't want to be in the position to have to play just to gain more finances to simply live on; even though that happens but not in the long-run.

DelPotro dealt with the loss of his father but also knowing that as his manager, he misappropriated his money with too much of it gone. Players today want more stability and control when it comes to their financial means and would rather try handling it themselves than giving it to someone that they may feel cannot handle it well.

Another situation to think on is health. How many operations will a player lt themselves go through? When will the time come to say the injury isn't getting better and not being able to play should consider retirement? Juan Martin DelPotro knew what the general tennis community wanted from him, but he honestly couldn't fulfill their needs.

"I know that people are expecting me to return to tennis, but this may be more of a farewell than a return." He admitted that "I have strength to go forward but my knee is becoming a nightmare. All DelPotro feels is that he wants to live his life without pain.

The Argentine gets real and simply says, "Today I have my whole life ahead of me and I want to live in peace."