Del Potro and the pic wanted by LeBron James

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Del Potro and the pic wanted by LeBron James

Juan Martin Del Potro said that NBA star LeBron James, at the end of the 2009 US Open final won by the Argentinian against Roger Federer, asked him to take a picture together. The Argentine tennis player recalled the golden times in an interview with Mariano Zabaleta on Star Plus Latin America, as quoted by Punto de Break, citing a curious anecdote about the 2009 US Open final.

Del Potro said: "After the ceremony and the tournament dinner, I remember Justin Timberlake calling me and inviting me to a private party. All of Hollywood was there: singers, actors, famous people, but suddenly the most important thing was me.

I have an imprinted image of LeBron James asking security guards for permission to take a picture with me." Del Potro also revealed that as a child his favorite sport was soccer: "The priority when I was a child was always football, I played tennis just to pass the time.

I think it was more boring for me, at the end of each training session you had to collect all the balls, or when they sent you to play with the wall. This whole perception changed for me when I got on a plane to Brazil to play a South American tournament."

Del Potro's retirement

Juan Martin Del Potro's tearful announcement a few weeks ago that he had decided to stop playing tennis, due to those damned physical problems that have plagued him throughout his career, was a blow to everyone.

those who have never stopped dreaming that The Tower of Tandil would be able to undermine the dominance of Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, the absolute rulers of the last twenty years of this sport. Too much pain, too much effort to continue treading the fields for Delpo, almost a pain.

The Argentine tennis player had announced that he would end his career in Rio de Janeiro, but the resounding defeat suffered by fellow countryman Federico Delbonis in the first round of the Buenos Aires home tournament prompted Del Potro not to participate in the Brazilian tournament.

In recent days, the former number three has not ruled out a sudden return to the court in the style of Andy Murray, but for the moment this possibility remains rather unlikely.

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