Djokovic: "Stakhovsky, how are you? I want to help you"

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Djokovic: "Stakhovsky, how are you? I want to help you"

The 2022 now former world number one Novak Djokovic is not the best. The Serbian sample has been the subject of numerous criticisms due to the choice not to carry out the vaccine for Covid-19. Nole paid dearly for this decision primarily because it cost him participation in the Australian Open 2022, a tournament where he defended the title and which weeks later also led him to lose the first position in the standings but also because it led him to numerous media criticism.

This and much more for a Novak Djokovic who appeared in difficulty but who continues to grind compliments from his colleagues. Ukrainian tennis player Sergiy Stakhovsky, former number 31 in the ATP ranking, praised the Serbian champion by throwing a dig at his rivals Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, among other things.

In recent days Stakhovsky has made headlines for the decision to enlist for Ukraine and help his country in the terrible battle against Russia. In this regard, he commented: "Military service is not compulsory in Ukraine. But I am ready to do whatever is necessary to protect my country and prevent Russia from winning.

If this means that I will have to use a weapon to defend myself by shooting someone, I will. The truth is, you haven't done anything for seven years. If you had done what you are doing now eight years ago, when Crimea was annexed, we would not be in this trouble."

Djokovic: "Stakhovsky, how are you? I want to help you"

He then commented: "Novak Djokovic sent me a message of support, we also spoke a bit.

I tried to contact Roger and Rafa, I'm sorry they preferred silence. I understand them, it's not their war. We have the support of great personalities, the important thing is that it lasts." Once again it happens that Nole receives the support from her colleagues and appreciation that she does not do for the other two members of the Big Three.

Through his social media, the Ukrainian tennis player has published a post with the conversation with the former number one in the world where he thanks Djokovic for the messages received. The Serbian athlete wrote to him: "Stako, how are you? I was thinking about you and please I wanted to ask you to send me your address, I want to help you.

I want to send you financial help and everything you need." Stakhovsky thanked Nole for the message received and posted the conversation on social media: