Aleksandr Dolgopolov also returns to Ukraine to fight

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Aleksandr Dolgopolov also returns to Ukraine to fight

Alexandr Dolgopolov decided to stand up for his people. The former Ukrainian tennis player has reached Kiev to fight alongside his compatriots in the war that is taking place on Ukrainian soil, following the invasion of Russia.

The arrival of The Dog in the capital was documented by a post on his social profile, where he explained why he only reached Kiev at a later time. In the first part of the message, Dolgopolov explained that his first concern was his family: for this reason, he took his sister and his mother to Turkey.

Once he secured his loved ones, the strategy of the former number 13 in the world was to learn how to shoot, so as to be prepared for the conflict. He wrote on his social media: "In a few days, since the start of the war, my beloved Ukrainians and I have completely destroyed the world of information and no one in any free country had any doubts about the truth and who the aggressor was.

By that time, I had already started shooting and was very lucky that a former professional soldier taught me for 5-7 days." Also through his social profile, the former Ukrainian tennis player revealed that he left with other boys, who wanted to reach Ukrainian land from the United States of America.

Starting, therefore, from Turkey, they arrived in Poland, passing through Croatia, and then finally arriving in Kiev. "While I was training, I was planning the way back, so once I found a few guys who were planning to go to Ukraine from the US, and once we were ready, we started our journey.

I got some bulletproof vests for us and our army, flew to Zagreb, bought everything we needed plus some thermal monoculars and stuff, and drove through Europe, entered Ukraine from Poland and , in the end, I'm in Kiev," he said.

Thanks to Stakhovsky

Alexandr Dolgopolov concluded his massage by thanking all the citizens who fought in the first days of the conflict. Not only ordinary citizens, but also thanks to the famous people who have decided to take the field: among them Sergiy Stakhovsky, another former Ukrainian tennis player who left to fight the war.

"This is my home and we will defend it! With all the people left! A big thank you and respect to all our famous people on the pitch. So much respect and I am proud of how united the country is under such pressure from a mad dictator.

The truth is behind us and this is our land! I will stay in Kiev until our victory and after. Slava Ukraine !! ", Dolgopolov concluded his message.