Berrettini didn't split with Tomljanovic for a flirt with Anisimova

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Berrettini didn't split with Tomljanovic for a flirt with Anisimova

Matteo Berrettini broke with Ajla Tomljanovic for a flirt with Amanda Anisimova? Answer should be: no. Social media are excellent tools for conveying positive messages across all world boundaries. Sometimes, however, the beneficial purposes deriving from them can be tainted by the excessive use that some people make of them, which feed unsubstantiated gossip.

Italian number 1 and the American tennis player of Russian origins Amanda Anisimova: a few days ago the two were present at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, one of the main electronic music events, and a moment of closeness between them was portrayed, setting the fire of chatter.

The shot, however, is an extract from a larger photograph in which, in addition to Berrettini and Anisimova, there were the well-known entrepreneur Dave Grutman, the famous Dj David Guetta and tennis player Eugenie Bouchard.

Anisimova: "Crazy, first time I spoke to Matteo!"

Social networks, as is well known, are powerful content amplifiers and this is how the story of the alleged flirtation between Matteo Berrettini and Amanda Anisimova began to spread quickly.

All this came to the sight of the American player, who promptly denied any hypothesis regarding her and the Italian tennis player: "This is really crazy," she wrote on Twitter. "This is the first time I've talked to Matteo and also Genie Bouchard.

I walked around with my friend and we were all with Dave Grutman." Anisimova then continued with her invective, urging those who spread the gossip to focus on more serious things such as, for example, the international situation regarding Russia and Ukraine: "It is really sad to see how much drama people create on social media, use them for something good instead.

Take a look at what's happening in the world, instead of making up some stupid sh*t." An unpleasant, irritating story that involved Matteo Berrettini, already at the center of rumors relating to a hypothetical and unconfirmed break with his Australian girlfriend Ajla Tomljanovic.

Berrettini who, in the meantime, is thinking of recovering from the hand problem that caused his retirement from the Masters 1000 in Miami.