Italian virologist attacks who talks of Jannik Sinner's vaccine words!

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Italian virologist attacks who talks of Jannik Sinner's vaccine words!
Italian virologist attacks who talks of Jannik Sinner's vaccine words! (Provided by Tennis World USA)

The last few months have been very unlucky for Italian tennis. The two talents of our tennis, Matteo Berrettini and Jannik Sinner, have been forced to retire several times or even not to participate in tournaments. A complicated situation that will now see the Roman tennis player absent from the fields for over a month and a problem with his hand will force him to miss the home tournament at the Internazionali d'Italia in Rome.

Different situation for Jannik Sinner: the current blue number two and number twelve in the world was forced to retire due to a generic problem in Indian Wells and, a few days later, had to retire due to blisters, which forced him to stop at the Miami Open quarter-finals.

Big lost chance for the blue who had a draw that was certainly not impossible. In recent days, the Italian senator Malan has had a particular thesis on this physical decline of the Italian tennis players and in general of the sports world: the politician linked an article that correlated the vaccine and physical problems.

In this speech we talked about the problems of the Spanish tennis player Paula Badosa and Jannik Sinner was also mentioned. This article from Cultura Identita says: "The Spaniard, number 3 in the world, went out in tears and physically in pieces in Miami against Pegula while Jannik was forced to retire due to blisters, strange for a professional athlete at this level." The piece mentions the two tennis players and not only, also others including footballers and cyclists affected by myocarditis instead.

Burioni's response to Malan

The virologist Roberto Burioni spoke to the Italian broadcast state RAI and he wanted to reassure those who get the vaccine and released the following words: "We need to reassure the people who get the vaccines.

In the first place, investigations were made and it was established that the vaccine has no fault other than to protect people from COVID. It must be said clearly to protect people and defend against attacks by skeptics." Burioni posted his words on Twitter and then commented: "Senator Malan trusts the wrong sources. There is no correlation on Mrna and indeed this is also bringing cures for cancer."

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