Denis Shapovalov supports animals with ShapoShelter

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Denis Shapovalov supports animals with ShapoShelter

From his love and passion for animals, Denis Shapovalov launches the ShapoShelter to take his commitment to a new level. The new charity initiative created by the young Canadian tennis player will amplify the needs of animal shelters by focusing on the stories of dogs and cats living in difficult conditions.

He explained: "I have supported several shelters over the years. I have so many pets, so I am very excited to announce that I have joined forces and founded my own page called ShapoShelter, which will help several shelters around the world to promote their pets, both dogs and cats, and to search to help them find new homes."

How the ShapoShelter will work

In its initial phase, ShapoShelter will be an initiative that will benefit from the support of social media and a website designed to support the Humane Society of Manatee County, the Humane Society of Greater Miami and Adopta Un Amigo Para Siempre in Mexico City.

As an integral part of the Miami Open Unites, Shapovalov recently visited the facility in Miami along with ATP and WTA circuit stars Matteo Berrettini and Belinda Bencic. Working alongside his friends Cornelius Haarmann and Nadia Abdala, Denis Shapovalov wanted to further extend his support to other animal shelters around the world.

Shapovalov said: "With ShapoShelter, we will highlight the stories of these poor animals who cannot tell their stories in the hope of finding their new homes. As well as telling the stories of all these different shelters and the different organizations trying to help these beautiful animals.

We hope that ShapoShelter can help find many other animals their forever homes and give them the chance to have a great life." Animal lovers can learn more about the Canadian initiative at and by following @ShapoShelter on Instagram and Twitter.

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