Chaos Italian Open, Malagò: "Angelo Binaghi inelegant and ungrammatical"

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Chaos Italian Open, Malagò: "Angelo Binaghi inelegant and ungrammatical"

In the traditional press conference at the end of the tournament, the president of FIT Angelo Binaghi said he was proud of the results recorded on the occasion of the 79th edition of the Internazionali BNL d'Italia and responded harshly to the statements made by Giovanni Malagò in recent weeks.

The president of CONI, according to Binaghi, would have welcomed the decision taken by the organizers of Wimbledon and repeatedly tried to exclude both Russian tennis players and Novak Djokovic from the Masters 1000 in Rome.

"The increase in presales from 11% of forecasts to 22% real, after long meditations we attributed it to the Malagò effect, which first tried not to let world number 1 Novak Djokovic play in Rome, then the Russians.

It is not true that the IOC had given different indications than those of the ATP and WTA. The FIT would have risked damaging a heritage of our sport such as the Internationals, which risked consequences ranging from the possible strike of the players to the definitive revocation of the license.

Goodbye IBI. Ultimately, the president of Coni asked to intervene on the autonomy of sport, the very one who had opposed it in the past."

Giovanni Malagò replies to Angelo Binaghi

Binaghi's accusations did not go unnoticed and Malagò immediately replied to the microphones of the ANSA news agency: "We were very surprised to have received all this attention in the closing conference of the Internazionali d'Italia.

An inelegant attack, wrong and ungrammatical also from the point of view of national and international roles. It would have been fairer and more beautiful to dedicate minutes to everything they have managed to do in these days.

I am a member of the IOC, and I answer to the IOC. The IOC is very attentive and particularly fiscal with its representatives. The positions I have held are in line with what the IOC has supported and continues to support. I am not obsessed with anything or anyone.

I fought the reform and I don't know how many would have done the same thing." Maybe in the next weeks we will have new updates on the issue.