Bertolucci: "If Djokovic did not overtake Nadal he would be disappointed"

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Bertolucci: "If Djokovic did not overtake Nadal he would be disappointed"

The success obtained at the Roland Garros 2022 allowed Rafael Nadal to conquer his 22nd Slam of his career and further stretch on Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic in the fight for the Grand Slam Race. So, the foot problems did not stop the Spanish champion from lifting the Musketeers' Cup for the fourteenth time in his career.

The Swiss and the Serbian are still at 20 and there is no doubt that Nadal, especially considering the passage of time, has gained a huge advantage against the two historical rivals. The Spaniard, in order to play the Roland Garros, underwent a conspicuous number of infiltrations; infiltrations performed systematically on the nerve with the anesthetized foot.

Nadal revealed that he is no longer willing to follow a similar path and that he will try to find a new solution with his medical team in the coming weeks: his presence at Wimbledon is in doubt.

Bertolucci on the fight for the Slam primacy

In an exclusive interview given to the microphones of OA Sport, Paolo Bertolucci focused on Nadal’s primacy and Djokovic’s future.

It is inevitable not to give due weight to the events that influenced the start of the season of the Serbian champion. Djokovic was unable to participate in the Australian Open due to the final choice on visa made directly by Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke.

Bertolucci, current Sky Sports Italy tennis commentator , explained: "It was his choice, he decided not to get vaccinated. If there are rules, they must be respected: he knew what he was up against. Between that involuntary shot at the US Open that cost him the disqualification and now the problem with the vaccine ...

If he does not pass Rafael Nadal, he will surely have a bitter taste in his mouth. It is also true that Nadal had to miss eight Grand Slams due to injuries. I was convinced that Djokovic could surpass everyone in terms of the number of Slams won in his career and I still have that idea, but he needs to play."