Nick Kyrgios accused of domestic violence by former girlfriend

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Nick Kyrgios accused of domestic violence by former girlfriend

According to reports from the Canberra Times, Nick Kyrgios will have to appear in court on 2 August 2022 in relation to the accusation of assault in December 2021 of the former girlfriend of Nick, Chiara Passari. Relations between the ex-couple have always been very turbulent and now we have now moved on to legal proceedings.

According to the testimony of the tennis player's lawyer Jason Moffett Nick is aware of these accusations and above all of what he risks. Here are the words of Mr. Moffett to the Canberra Times: "Nick is accused of domestic violence.

The nature of these charges is very serious and Mr. Kyrgios takes this very seriously. As the allegations have brought Nick to court he does not prefer to release. statements at this stage. Soon, however, there could be a press release on the story."

Several times in the past they have reported Chiara Passari's statements against Nick and these are among the most hard: "I can't forget when she left me on the street alone at 4 in the morning in New York, taking off my cell phone and wallet and in the meantime he went to one of his exes.

She told me it was my fault and I shouldn't be a victim, then she bragged to friends that she slept with a stripper, only three days after we broke up. She called me one day and told me I shouldn't do bullshit like commit suicide, I just had to shut up and let him go."

Nick Kyrgios this year also won an important tournament like the Australian Open in doubles, paired with friend and partner Thanasi Kokkinakis.

Kyrgios at Wimbledon 2022

Kyrgios is currently playing in the 2022 Wimbledon tournament where he is facing these hours Cristian Garin in the quarter-finals of the London Slam, returning to this stage of the tournament after several years.

Nick has offered great tennis and played a great tournament so far, he won the Round of 16 in the fifth set against Brandon Nakashima and looks more aggressive than ever. Even in private life everything is going very well for Nick who is more than ever in love with his girlfriend Costeen Hatzi, now his inseparable companion. However, news that is quite worrying for the tennis player arrives from Australia.